Punishments for Battery in Long Beach County

  • Post last modified:July 9, 2024

Ever wondered what kind of punishments are doled out for those found guilty of battery in Long Beach County? California laws are specific when it comes to assault and battery, so it is imperative to have an assault and battery lawyer on your side.

In the summer of 2017, news broke of a brawl that had occurred during a layover at the Southwest Airlines terminal. The fight, as it turns out, was between just two people. Both men faced different charges, but by the time law enforcement arrived, the victim had “performed a citizen’s arrest” on the other passenger before police had even arrived. After the fight broke up, the victim had sustained a number of injuries, including a cut to his nose and a chipped tooth. Just one man was arrested. Later, he pled not guilty to two counts of misdemeanor battery. If he is convicted, then he faces up to six months in jail for each count.

Battery is defined as an intentional and unlawful physical contact with another person.

Punishments for Battery in California

California deems simple battery a misdemeanor. Despite that, a conviction of battery can result in a jail sentence of up to six months in a county jail, court fees, attorney’s fees, restitution and other fines of up to $2,000. Probation might come with an attachment of required community service, anger management, or other counseling.

If, however, the victim sustains significant injuries, it could result in a longer jail sentence, and the potential enhanced sentencing penalties should the convicted person find themselves in legal hot water in the future. What many don’t realize is that even a simple battery conviction is serious and can be used to deter future employers or others who have a need to conduct background checks.

If the victim suffers a serious bodily injury, the defendant may face up to four years in prison and a “strike” on his or her record that could be used to enhance penalties for future convictions.

More serious battery convictions, including battery that results in great bodily injury, will likely be charged as a felony with longer prison sentences and much higher fines and costs.

Sexual Battery

Sexual battery is another serious crime that brings with it long-term repercussions. It is often charged as a felony, with fines and jail sentences set in accordance to the seriousness of the crime that led to the conviction.

Public Servants

Finally, it’s worth noting that battery against a law enforcement officer, fireman, teacher, government worker, and others usually include more serious punishments. What’s interesting is that the victim can affect the sentencing of the convicted person, whether it’s to ask the Court to show some degree of leniency or to request the judge consider the maximum sentence.

Like other crimes of assault and battery in Long Beach County, the victims are the ones who pay the ultimate price. Whether it’s a lost sense of safety or something that requires a bit of professional guidance to overcome, the decisions of anyone to commit battery on another will face serious legal repercussions in California. Speak to a criminal defense attorney today to learn more.