Breathalyzer Defenses to DUI Charges

  • Post last modified:July 9, 2024

The results of a breathalyzer test will prove to be a critical part of the DUI case against you. However, it is important for a DUI defense attorney in Long Beach to identify malfunctioning, inaccuracies, and other types of inadequacies or inconsistencies in the system that can provide a valuable defense for you.

There are many ways that a breathalyzer machine can malfunction. For example, the machine may identify a number of other compounds in the alcohol, apart from ethyl alcohol. That can result in a false alcohol positive reading, and an criminal defense attorney must be able to identify this inaccuracy in order to defend you against the charges.

A breathalyzer can malfunction in other ways, and can provide inaccurate DUI readings. There may be inconsistencies in the way that the breathalyzer was administered at the site of the test. There can be issues with the way that the officer was trained to use the breathalyzer test. If the officer was not properly trained resulting in inaccurate readings, this can possibly be used as a defense. There may be inaccuracies in the way that the breathalyzer test was calibrated, leading to inaccurate readings, or the way that the device was maintained.

All of these, or any one of these, can provide a significant defense for the DUI charges against you. To learn what kind of defenses can be used to lower the charges against you or get them dismissed, speak to a DUI defense lawyer in Long Beach.