Drug Courts in California

  • Post last modified:July 9, 2024

The narcotic court system in California provides an alternative route for criminal justice prosecution. Drug crimes lawyers in Long Beach find that it is best suited to those persons who have been accused of nonviolent narcotic offenses, and who may be better served by a system that involves oversight and supervision, with probation and substance abuse treatment.

The drug courts in California serve as a model to bring a different approach to the traditional court system that focuses on penalties rather than intervention. The narcotic court system is designed for effective interventions, complete with supervision and monitoring of the person and treatment of addictions. Therefore, the narcotic court model is designed to actually identify substance abuse problems and offenders, and ensure that they get help for their addictions.

The narcotic courts in California have been found to be beneficial in helping reduce recidivism rates. They tackle the core of the problem, which is substance abuse gone untreated. The drug court system is ideal for those persons who have been accused of nonviolent narcotic offenses, and maybe in danger of having their personal and professional lives jeopardized as a result of a DUI conviction. For example, a person may be at risk of losing child custody for a nonviolent narcotic offense. Whatever the reason, California’s drug court provides a path to recovery that is not entirely painless, but does encourage rehabilitation as part of their criminal justice system. If you are being processed in the drug court system, you may be placed under monitoring for more than a year.

Don’t face the drug courts without a criminal defense lawyer by your side. If you have been arrested for a drug offense, speak to our drug crimes lawyers in Long Beach.