Who Can Face Charges of Domestic Violence?

  • Post last modified:July 9, 2024

In California, persons who have been involved in the following types of relationships may face accusation of domestic violence.

  • Persons who are married to each other
  • Persons who are cohabiting with each other, or living with each other
  • Persons who were previously married to each other
  • Persons who are no longer romantically involved, but have children together
  • Persons who are currently in a romantic or dating relationship
  • Persons who were earlier involved in a romantic relationship

Often times, these incidents of violence or abuse occur as the result of a misunderstanding. In other cases, however, accusation of domestic violence are filed when people retaliate against each other, or take revenge against each other. For instance, a breakup that has gone sour could result in household violence charges being filed by the person who sees himself or herself as the wronged party.

No matter what the reason for these domestic violence charges, it is important to understand that these are serious charges. Even a first-time conviction of domestic aggression may lead to a jail sentence for you. Besides, these are charges that have a lot of negative repercussions for your personal, professional and social lives. You might find it difficult to gain employment in certain types of occupations, or may find that your career is permanently ruined as a result of the accusation against you.

For help defending yourself against domestic aggression charges, speak to a Long Beach assault and battery lawyer. Schedule a consultation with a Long Beach criminal defense lawyer, and discuss how you can defend yourself against these charges.