Can I Be Arrested Only by Police Officers?

  • Post last modified:July 9, 2024

You can be arrested by any law enforcement officer. A law enforcement officer may not necessarily have to be on duty to arrest you. You can even be arrested by an off-duty police officer. You can also be arrested by probation and parole officers.

If the officer is arresting you for a misdemeanor, then he must have seen you commit the misdemeanor or the offense in order to arrest you. However, the policeman does not have to follow those rules if he believes that he committed a felony. If he believes you committed a felony, the officer can arrest you even without a warrant. Further, the policeman does not have to see you committing the felony to arrest you. Simply believing that you committed it may be sufficient for an arrest.

Remember to get in touch with a Long Beach criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are arrested, no matter whether you are arrested for a misdemeanor or felony. In your anxiety or panic, you may say things that you don’t mean in order to avoid an arrest.

Remember that anything that you say may go down in a statement against you, and could strengthen the prosecution’s case against you. Speaking to a Long Beach criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are arrested allows you a chance to get advice about what you should and shouldn’t say to a police officer. That helps protect your interests.