What Is a Federal Warrant?

  • Post last modified:July 9, 2024

If investigative bodies feel they have sufficient evidence to suspect criminal activity, they will go ahead and seek warrants to search your property or arrest you. The warrant can come from the federal government or state.

Federal investigative agencies like the FBI, DEA, and ATF will most likely pursue a warrant against you if they have proof against you. If you are facing potential federal charges, you will need the help of a skilled Long Beach criminal defense attorney for proper defense and representation.

What Is a Federal Warrant?

A federal warrant is issued against a person believed to have committed a federal crime. The federal agency will seek this warrant from a federal magistrate so that they can proceed to search your property or arrest you and bring you in for questioning.

However, the agency must indicate in an affidavit why they believe you committed the crime and why they believe evidence may be found on a property they wish to search. If the federal magistrate believes the reasons indicated support eh agency’s belief, a federal warrant will be issued.

What Does a Federal Warrant Include?

A U.S. marshal typically executes a federal warrant. However, anyone authorized by the courts can also execute the warrant. The warrant includes:

  • The defendant’s name or best description of the defendant if the name is unknown
  • The offense
  • A command that the defendant be arrested and brought in without any further delay before a magistrate judge or any available local judicial officer, or warrant to search a property and collect evidence
  • A judge must also sign the warrant

How Do I Know There’s a Federal Warrant for My Arrest?

You can find out whether a federal warrant has been issued against you in different ways. Many people in California find out they have a warrant against them when law enforcement knocks on their door and announces it. However, you can be more proactive and find out if you have a warrant against you if you already feel you may be a federal crime suspect.

The best way to know if the warrant has been issued against you, your property, or your residence is by contacting an experienced Long Beach warrants attorney. Your lawyer will take the appropriate action to get this information on your behalf.

Getting in touch sooner with your Long Beach warrants attorney may not stop the issuance of the warrant, but it gives you more time to prepare for whatever awaits you. You need to find a criminal defense lawyer who:

  • Is aggressive and trial tested in defending people’s rights
  • Can explain to you what is happening in simple terms and keep you informed throughout the entire process
  • Has the requisite experience in fighting for those charged with federal crimes such as drug crimes, fraud, or arms trafficking

You can also visit or contact your local district’s federal clerk to check if a warrant has already been issued. You could also have your name run through the National Crime Information Center database at local police. But you run the risk of immediate arrest if it’s determined that a warrant against you is out.

But if someone close to you is arrested, they can learn of a warrant against you and notify you and your family. So, you may have time to know how to react when the officers finally come for you.

What Should I Do If I Learn There’s a Federal Warrant Against Me?

The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. But the police can get around this prohibition through a search or arrest warrant. Take immediate steps if you learn of a possible warrant against you.

Contact A Criminal Defense Lawyer as Soon as Possible

You need to start protecting your civil rights immediately. The earlier you contact your defense attorney, the better. Your lawyer will be there to advise you even when they come to arrest you, and prevent any violation of your rights.

Turn Yourself In

Surrendering to the police rather than waiting for them to arrest you is often the better option and could work to your advantage in the long run. You significantly increase your chances for bail and ensures your attorney is by your side at all times to avoid revealing incriminating or misinterpreted information.

What’s The Difference Between a Federal Warrant and A State-Issued Warrant?

The main difference is when these two warrants are issued. A state government will issue a warrant if you are accused of violating state law in California. However, federal warrants are issued when you are accused of committing a federal crime as defined in the U.S. Code.

How Can I Fight Federal Warrants?

One way your skilled Long Beach warrants attorney may be able to fight the warrant is by fighting any unlawfully collected evidence and therefore arguing that the evidence should be suppressed.

Your lawyer may also contest the legitimacy of the federal warrant by showing insufficient probable cause when the federal agency requested the warrant from the magistrate. If the warrant is quashed, any other evidence collected won’t be used against you in court.

Experienced Federal Law Attorneys Defending You

Discovering that there is a federal warrant against you may be shocking. It directly implies that your everyday life will be disrupted and changed for the next few months as you attempt to fight the accusations peddled against you. But with the help of a knowledgeable Long Beach criminal defense attorney, you may know what to do and defend yourself.

Our law firm can represent you no matter where you are located. We are experienced in defending people in California accused of federal charges like sex and drug crimes. Talk to us today to get started.