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If Your Money Is Seized After An Arrest, Can You Get It Back?

When they make an arrest, California police officers also often seize cash and other items of value. It can take a great deal of time and patience to recover your cash and other valuables – even if you are never convicted of a crime. What allows the police to take someone's money? When and why [...]

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How To Fight Burglary Charges In Long Beach

California law defines burglary as "entering a structure with the intent to commit a theft once inside." Forcible entry or actual theft is not required to convict you of burglary. Simply entering a structure with the intent to commit theft constitutes burglary in this state. A burglary conviction can have serious consequences in California. Could [...]

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Can A Laywer Get Your Charges Lessened Or Thrown Out?

If you have been charged with committing a crime – any felony or misdemeanor – in southern California, you will need to have an experienced drug crimes attorney in Long Beach assess the facts of the case in order to craft an effective strategy for your defense. In some criminal cases in this state, a [...]

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Statutory Rape After The Victim Turns 18 – Can You Be Charged?

The welfare and best interests of children is a top priority of California’s criminal justice system. The law regarding statutory rape is a good example. Except for married couples, no one who is 18 years old or older may have sexual intercourse with anyone who is under 18. But what if a victim of statutory [...]

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Is There A Way To Prevent Someone From Testifying Against You?

You probably know that if you are charged with a crime in California or in any other state, you have the right to remain silent – that is, you can’t be forced to testify against or incriminate yourself. The right to remain silent is a right granted to everyone in the U.S. by the Fifth [...]

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Can An Attorney Stop Criminal Charges From Being Filed?

Here in Southern California, if you believe that you are suspected of a crime, if you’re the target of a criminal investigation, or if you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, take your case to a Long Beach drug crimes lawyer as quickly as you can. You’re about to read a brief discussion of [...]

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How To Remove A Warrant In The State Of California

Bench warrants are frequently issued by judges in California. A bench warrant is issued directly by a judge, unlike the search and arrest warrants that are issued only when they are requested by police departments and prosecutors. How are bench warrants and arrest warrants cleared or removed in California? In other words, if a bench [...]

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What To Do When You Are Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

Beginning in 2017, the “#MeToo” campaign exploded in the news media. Hollywood stars, politicians, and CEOs were (and still are) being accused of sexual assaults – everything from groping to forcible rape. While it’s good to expose those who are genuinely guilty of crimes, not every accusation of sexual assault is true. Sex crimes attorneys [...]

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The Role Of Social Media In Criminal Cases

You already know that social media has changed the way we communicate. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other social media platforms allow us to look up old friends, share pictures and videos, and market our businesses. You also probably know that elected officials, government agencies, and police departments use social media to provide information directly [...]

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An Overview Of California’s Three Strikes Law

California’s “Three Strikes” sentencing law was originally enacted in 1994. Although it has been slightly amended, the law still mandates harsh sentences for second and third felony offenses in California. If you or someone you love already has one felony conviction in this state, you must understand fully the consequences of a second or third [...]

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