How California’s Bail System Works

If you are arrested on a criminal charge in Southern California, you may have to pay a cash bond to be released – even if you are innocent. For several years, a national effort has been underway to eliminate cash bonds – the money that suspects pay to get released from jail while awaiting trial. [...]

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The Consequences of Violating Probation in California

If you violate probation in California, will you go to jail? It's possible. Keep reading to learn what can happen. If you breach the terms your California probation - whether it's felony or misdemeanor probation - you will be ordered to appear at a California probation violation hearing. If this happens to you in southern [...]

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Turning Yourself In For A Warrant In California

In the state of California, what should you do if you learn that a warrant has been issued for your arrest? Will you be handcuffed – and humiliated – in front of your family, neighbors, or co-workers? Will a criminal defense attorney be able to help? Anyone can be falsely accused of committing a crime, [...]

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California’s Theft And Larceny Laws

The ancient wisdom says thou shalt not steal, and that seems simple and straightforward enough. But under California law in the 21st century, stealing can include theft, robbery, burglary, carjacking, embezzlement, fraud of several kinds, and even identity theft. How are these crimes distinct from one another? If you're falsely accused of stealing in California, [...]

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Sexual Extortion Will Now Be Considered A Crime In California

Parents in California need to know. According to the FBI, it's the leading threat to children on the internet, but until just recently, it was specifically against the law in only four states. Beginning in 2018, however, sexual extortion will also be a specific crime in California under Senate Bill 500, which was signed into [...]

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Do Warrants Expire In California?

In the state of California, if a law enforcement officer takes you into custody without an arrest warrant, you probably committed a crime that was observed by the officer. When you are suspected of committing a crime, but no law enforcement officer saw you do it, the police will usually ask a judge to issue [...]

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Plea Bargains In California

In the state of California, if you are charged with committing a crime and the state's case against you is weak, you may dispute the charge, exercise your right to a trial, and hope for a "not guilty" verdict from the jury. However, if the jurors determine that you are guilty of the crime, a [...]

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Pretrial Services Available in L.A. County

In Los Angeles County, the Pretrial Services Division of the Los Angeles County Probation Department administers nine separate programs concerned with community safety, incarceration, and the alternative sentencing of particular offenders. Several of these programs include the possibility of early release and/or the dismissal of criminal charges. Some are cooperative programs that involve other county [...]

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What Constitutes A Criminal Threat In California?

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution fully and uncompromisingly protects your right to free speech in California and in every other state. Everyone in the United States has a legal right to express an opinion, no matter how unpopular or offensive that opinion might be. Still, the law has always placed some reasonable restrictions [...]

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What Is Factual Innocence?

The presumption of innocence is the legal principle that a defendant who is accused of a crime is to be considered innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The presumption of innocence is not only foundational to the criminal justice system in the United States, but it's also a part of the [...]

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