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Does A Drug Dog Violate Your Rights?

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects every person in the United States from "unreasonable" seizures and searches by the government. One frequently-used law enforcement tool that may sometimes violate our Fourth Amendment rights is the drug dog. When can a drug dog be used at a traffic stop? If you're placed under arrest [...]

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Marijuana Growers and Environmental Damage

As a Long Beach drug crimes law firm, we know that thousands of people have benefitted since California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, a great deal of pot is still grown illegally in California, and the illegal growing operations are doing some quite significant damage to our state’s fragile [...]

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What Is California’s Proposed Adult Use Of Marijuana Act?

If you need to use marijuana in California for medical reasons, you can visit a doctor and obtain a prescription for medical marijuana to treat conditions such as back pain and anxiety. Nevertheless, it now appears that a single, well-funded marijuana legalization ballot initiative will be offered to voters next November to make marijuana in [...]

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Drug Courts in California

The narcotic court system in California provides an alternative route for criminal justice prosecution. Drug crimes lawyers in Long Beach find that it is best suited to those persons who have been accused of nonviolent narcotic offenses, and who may be better served by a system that involves oversight and supervision, with probation and substance abuse treatment. [...]

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