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Leaders In Long Beach Endorse Local Medical Marijuana Measures

With the passage of Proposition 64 – the Adult Use of Marijuana Act – by California’s voters on November 8th, recreational marijuana will soon become legal in this state for adults age 21 and over. Possession of up to one ounce of marijuana will be legal for adults to possess, transport, purchase, consume and share. [...]

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Brunch Spots in Long Beach

We love it when two words come together to form something magical and what’s more magical than brunch? It means you’ve slept in long enough to miss breakfast, but you haven’t slept the entire day away because you still can call a meal lunch – or even better, brunch! It’s something special when a custom [...]

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Differences Between Assault and Battery

Despite the misconception that assault and battery are synonymous, these two crimes are very different according to our assault and battery lawyers. Each has its own repercussions for those charged and convicted. Learn more about the differences. Many believe that assault and battery is more of a combined crime versus two distinct crimes with harsh [...]

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Is Revenge Porn Illegal in Long Beach?

In California, revenge porn is a crime, and a serious one according to our sex crimes attorneys. These illicit sex crimes are directly related to today’s technology, andit’s important to understand the legalities of revenge porn in Long Beach and throughout the state. In the summer of 2017, celebrity Rob Kardashian took to Twitter and [...]

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Notable People from Long Beach, California

Long Beach is a classic American beach town. Beauty is the outdoors and the sun-kissed, active people who are willing to push the status quo and take risks. This, along with the healing elements in the salt air that permeates everything, it’s little wonder some of Long Beach’s most notable folks go on to do [...]

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Places to Do Community Service in Long Beach, California

Community service is an important element for so many volunteers in their daily lives. There is a sense of doing good for the sake of simply doing good. It is about reaching out when you don’t have to, and it’s about digging deep for those you may have never met and finding the “right” in [...]

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Punishments for Assault in Long Beach County

The state of California has several laws on its books that address assault and battery crimes. Some are misdemeanors, and others are considered felonies, with harsh punishments attached to those convictions. Simple Assault in Long Beach County The least-serious charge associated with assault and battery in the state of California is simple assault, according to [...]

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Punishments for Battery in Long Beach County

Ever wondered what kind of punishments are doled out for those found guilty of battery in Long Beach County? California laws are specific when it comes to assault and battery, so it is imperative to have an assault and battery lawyer on your side. In the summer of 2017, news broke of a brawl that [...]

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Sex Offender Laws in California

Sex offender laws in California have undergone revisions in recent years to ensure they’re current with the types of sex crimes that are committed in a technology-driven society. Here’s what that means for those charged with predatory sex crimes and how a sex crimes law firm can help/ Sex Offender Management Program The Sex Offender [...]

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Shopping in Long Beach

When thinking of Long Beach, the first thought for many is the spectacular and world-renowned Museum of Latin American Art or maybe the beautiful nightline and almost always, the smell of salt air wafting in from the Pacific is a given. But did you know shopping in Long Beach offers as much, and sometimes more, [...]

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