Long Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jerry Nicholson began his legal career in 1978 working as a Deputy District Attorney for Orange County. In that role, he prosecuted both misdemeanor and felony cases. Additionally, he was assigned to the county’s Narcotics Task Force, where he investigated and prosecuted major narcotics cases. As a Deputy District Attorney, Jerry Nicholson gained the considerable trial and courtroom experience that serves as a foundation for his criminal defense work today. Subsequently, Mr. Nicholson became a partner in the statewide law firm of Hunter, Nicholson, & Mason, where he supervised all of the firm’s criminal and litigation matters. In 1987, Mr. Nicholson launched his own practice exclusively focusing on criminal defense. That practice has now expanded to include all areas of criminal defense.


If you are charged with driving under the influence or with a violent crime, a drug crime, a sex crime, or a white-collar crime in Orange County, call Jerry Nicholson immediately. With decades of Long Beach legal experience, Mr. Nicholson has built numerous longstanding relationships and a reputation for excellence in the Orange County legal community. He has worked alongside judges, prosecutors, probation officers, law enforcement officers, child services officers, state agency officials, court clerks, private investigators, bail bondsmen, and everyone else who is associated with the Orange County criminal court system. Jerry Nicholson knows what it takes to advocate effectively on your behalf.


When you contact the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson, you’ll be represented by an experienced Long Beach criminal defense lawyer, treated with absolute respect, and offered every consideration and courtesy. Jerry Nicholson can explain how the law impacts your own unique legal situation, and he will keep the lines of communication open throughout the course of your case. Get the trustworthy legal representation you need; if you’ve been charged with a crime in Long Beach, contact the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson and speak at once with an experienced Long Beach criminal defense lawyer.