What Can You Do If You’ve Been Arrested For A Crime, And You Don’t Know Where To Turn?

Being arrested, booked, and charged with a crime may be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life. You’ll need sound legal advice from an experienced defense attorney, and you’ll need it fast.

The Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson was founded with the idea that justice should be available to everyone. Attorney Jerry Nicholson represents clients charged with:

  1. robbery, theft, or burglary
  2. driving under the influence
  3. domestic violence
  4. drug crimes, sex crimes, and gun crimes
  5. assault, battery, and hit-and-run
  6. most other misdemeanors and felonies

How Can Attorney Jerry Nicholson Help You?

Attorney Jerry Nicholson brings an extensive knowledge of the law and decades of criminal defense experience to every case and every client. He is a former Deputy District Attorney for Orange County, so he knows criminal law from both sides of the courtroom.

A criminal charge can have harsh consequences – fines, probation, or even prison – so you must have a reputable defense lawyer working for you. Attorney Jerry Nicholson is the strong legal advocate you need if you have been arrested and charged with a crime in or near Cypress, California.

The telephones at the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – at (562) 205-8499 – to provide the help you may need. Practical payment plans are available for most criminal cases.

When you contact the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson, you’ll be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve. Attorney Nicholson will review the details of your case, explain your options and legal rights, and craft an appropriate, effective defense strategy on your behalf.

Are You Charged With Dui?

If you’re arrested for DUI in the Cypress area, Attorney Nicholson will review the details of the charge and determine precisely what happened. He may challenge the breath test results, the reasons why a police officer stopped you, or the officer’s courtroom testimony.

With a DUI charge, your future and even your freedom may hang in the balance. You must be represented by a strong advocate with abundant DUI experience – a lawyer who knows how to win, that lawyer is Jerry Nicholson.

Are You Charged With Burglary, Robbery, Or Theft?

A burglary, robbery, or theft conviction may mean prison, a stiff fine, and a criminal record that never goes away.

Criminal defense lawyer Jerry Nicholson has extensive experience successfully defending burglary, robbery, and theft suspects in Cypress and throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties.

If there was a misidentification or a misunderstanding, if your rights were violated, or if the allegation against you was fabricated, attorney Jerry Nicholson will make sure that your side of the case is explained and understood.

If you are accused of burglary or any kind of theft, fight the charge. Call the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson at once.

Is There A Warrant For Your Arrest?

An arrest warrant is a document issued by a court ordering a suspect’s arrest. An arrest warrant is issued after a grand jury indictment or when law enforcement authorities reasonably believe that a crime has been committed.

Usually, a suspect does not know that there is an arrest warrant until the arrest is made. That’s when you’ll need the help of a criminal defense attorney. If you believe that an arrest warrant has been issued for you in Orange County, you could be arrested and placed in jail.

You’ll need the help of experienced Cypress attorney Jerry Nicholson. He knows what the court system requires. If there’s an arrest warrant with your name on it, don’t wait – call the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson as quickly as possible.

Are You Charged With Any Other Felony Or Misdemeanor?

Attorney Jerry Nicholson also represents those in Cypress who are charged with domestic violence, child abuse, and most other felonies or misdemeanors. Whether you are innocent or guilty as charged, you’re going to need a capable, aggressive defense. Jerry Nicholson can help.

As mentioned previously, our telephones are answered 24 hours a day at (562) 205-8499. You may also use the Contact Form or Chat Box here on our website to reach us online right now. If you’re charged with a crime in Cypress, contact the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson at once.

Attorney Nicholson will immediately begin gathering evidence and developing an effective legal strategy on your behalf. Having an attorney’s help is your right, but if you need an attorney’s help in Cypress, you are the one who must make the call. The help you need is right here.