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What Should You Do If You Are Charged With A Crime In Seal Beach?

There’s nothing pleasant about being arrested and charged with a crime. You’ll need legal advice that you can trust, and you’ll need it immediately.

A conviction on a criminal charge can threaten your freedom, drain your resources, and make your life difficult for years to come. Whether you’re guilty of the charge or completely innocent, you must have a criminal defense attorney who knows what it takes to prevail on your behalf.

When you are a client at the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson, your case will be handled by one of the most skilled defense attorneys in the state.

How Will Attorney Jerry Nicholson Help You?

Attorney Jerry Nicholson has been practicing law in Orange County since 1978, and since 1987, the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson has exclusively represented those accused of crimes in Southern California.

If you’re charged with any of the felonies or misdemeanors listed below – or if you are dealing with any other matter of criminal law – few California attorneys are more knowledgeable than Jerry Nicholson. He defends clients charged with:

  1. assault and/or battery
  2. driving under the influence (DUI)
  3. burglary, robbery, or theft
  4. gun crimes, drug crimes, and sex crimes
  5. domestic violence

Jerry Nicholson has considerable experience representing out-of-state residents charged with crimes in California. He will also help you deal with any bench warrant or arrest warrant that’s been issued with your name on it.

What Does It Take To Convict Someone Of A Crime?

It might look grim when you are being handcuffed and fingerprinted, but remember that an arrest is not a conviction, and the state must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to convict you of a crime.

That’s not always easy for a prosecutor to do. When Jerry Nicholson is your defense attorney, he will review the state’s evidence against you, look for a weakness or flaw in the state’s case, and exploit that weakness or flaw on your behalf.

When developing your defense strategy, attorney Nicholson will first look for reasons to have the charge against you dropped. If the charge cannot be dismissed, and you are innocent, he will take your case to a jury and fight aggressively for a verdict of not guilty.

Why Is It So Vital To Have A Good Defense Lawyer?

Of course, in some cases, the state’s evidence is conclusive, the defendant’s guilt is obvious to everyone, and a conviction is inevitable. In these instances, attorney Jerry Nicholson will work for leniency from the court and for the best possible sentencing arrangement.

Do not try to act as your own attorney. That may have been an option in the past, but in the 21st century, criminal law in California is exceedingly complicated and difficult to understand. You’ll need an experienced lawyer who can guide you successfully through the criminal justice process.

Jerry Nicholson is a former Deputy District Attorney for Orange County, so he understands both sides of criminal law. Attorney Nicholson earned his JD at from the Western State College of Law at Argosy University, right here in Orange County.

If You Need Legal Help, Take The First Step Now

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in Seal Beach, you must retain the services of a reputable defense lawyer at once. Jerry Nicholson is the defense attorney you need.

Every client at the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson receives dignity, respect, professional courtesy, and personal consideration. Having an attorney’s help is your right.

If you have been arrested, if you are being investigated for a crime, or if you are dealing with any other matter of criminal law, call the Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson at (562) 205-8499, or use our website’s Contact Form or Chat Box to reach us right now.