Loss of Professional Licensing after a Criminal Conviction

  • Post last modified:July 9, 2024

There are some consequences of a criminal conviction that may not be immediately obvious to you. Your Long Beach drug crimes lawyer needs to discuss these with you extensively in order to make sure that you have understood all of the consequences of conviction. This is especially important, if you decide to plead guilty to lesser misdemeanor charges as part of a plea deal with prosecution.

Remember, being guilty of a misdemeanor, in the case of certain types of offenses like drug crimes or domestic violence crimes could leave you open to action by your professional licensing agency. The California professional licensing or certification agency or board may decide to take action against you, and could even suspend your license. In the case of certain types of offenses, you might be required to notify your board or agency about your conviction.

Persons, who are working in occupations that are based on professional licensing or certification, include doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, realtors, trainers, and other professionals. Besides, if you are a licensed day care provider, you might find that your license is in jeopardy because of a domestic violence conviction, even if you were convicted of a misdemeanor.

These are all consequences of a misdemeanor that you must be thoroughly familiar with before you decide to plead guilty to a misdemeanor. You might, for instance, believe that a conviction for misdemeanor DUI is not important enough to impact your life, but you would be surprised. Your Long Beach criminal defense lawyer must be exceedingly familiar with the repercussions that the conviction could have on your professional life, and must inform you of the same.

If you are a doctor, for instance, you might find that the conviction not only results in a mark on your record, and loss of license, but also a negative record in the National Providers Data Bank.