We love it when two words come together to form something magical and what’s more magical than brunch? It means you’ve slept in long enough to miss breakfast, but you haven’t slept the entire day away because you still can call a meal lunch – or even better, brunch!

It’s something special when a custom from another country or culture is introduced into our mainstream American lives. For instance – did you know traditional matchmakers were made popular in Ireland? Today, we Americans are enthralled with the possibility of using a matchmaker to find our true love. There’s definitely a romantic element involved with this leisure meal that usually includes amazing breads, sausages, and eggs. Traditional breakfast foods ramped up a notch to fill that void between breakfast and lunch – doesn’t get much better than that.

It’s believed that brunch first made its appearance as the 19th century was coming to a close. It’s no doubt English and more likely, rooted in British “upper society.” Wealthy families would give their maids, cooks and other servants the day off on Sunday with the stipulation there was a buffet type of meal prepared that the family members could eat from the rest of the day. This explains the presence of traditional breakfast foods, but also why it extends into the day, well past breakfast hours.

So where do you go to enjoy brunch in the city of Long Beach? We have a few suggestions.

The Potholder in Café has long since been one of those favorite brunch spots in Long Beach. It’s good food, a casual environment, and an incredible staff with members who work hard to keep customers happy. This casual dining restaurant offers breakfast all day and the building it’s housed in is part of the history of Long Beach. It truly is an area that’s warm, inviting, and the food is exceptional.

Egg Heaven Café was founded in 1970 and shares that time capsule with a Nixon presidency, an Apollo 13 Launch, and the introduction of the Beatles to Americans. Sounds like a great backdrop from which to create a left coast brunch favorite. Egg Heaven Café rises to the challenge and then some. Enjoy a custom-created omelet with everything you love and nothing you don’t. If you’re really hungry, add a top sirloin steak and mixed vegetables to your brunch, and you’re good to go. With fresh cheeses and eggs, perfectly ripened avocados, zesty onions, peppers, and much more, this is the one time when life lets you get it exactly the way you want it.

Life’s just better with a bit of Crooked Duck. This favorite foot spot is all about tradition, comfort, and great conversation. The delicious menu crowns the experience. Brunch with The Crooked Duck includes buttermilk flapjacks any way you like them – whether it’s candied walnuts and bananas or the classic, simple pancake. Fresh eggs, sausages, bacon, and steak if that’s what you’re craving. The Crooked Duck has it all.

Now that you know a few of the favorite brunch spots in Long Beach, you might as well sleep in past breakfast, but rise and start your day sometime before lunch.